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Thanks to emBlue's B2C CRM, Supletech was able to boost the number of users affected by its campaigns by 300%.

Supletech wanted to use an omnichannel communication approach, therefore they searched for a CRM solution that would work with their eCommerce. Learn how they attracted 5.4 million visits during cyber discount days and increased website revenue by more than 60%.
Industry: Food Supplements

D8 Austin increased their abandoned cart recovery by 24%.

D8 Austin was looking for a platform that integrates with Wix and offers them tools to attract new customers and recover unfinished sales. Find out what strategies helped them increase 7% their eCommerce sales.
Industry: E-commerce.

Assist Card reduces the time invested in mailing campaigns by 70%.

Assist Card, as a multinational company, required a solution that could optimize the time required to develop its communications. The collaborative work between their organization and our specialists helped to reduce their operative efforts by 70%.
Industry: Travel Assistance.

Miniso increased sales by 52% with email marketing campaigns.

Miniso was looking for a platform that allows them to send unlimited emails and improve their ecommerce with new conversion features. Learn more about how, with emBlue, they increased their sending frequency up to 8 times, achieved an open rate of 64% and exceeded their sales goals.
Industry: Retail E-commerce.

Claudia Mills doubled eCommerce sales using email marketing

Claudia Mills Studio's main goal was to increase sales through an email marketing campaign, in addition to obtaining accurate metrics. After using a provider that did not meet their needs, they decided to go with emBlue, obtaining their first sale registered by email.
Industry: Textile.

How Wenance increased 9 times the amount of leads in two months.

Wenance is Argentina’s leader credit fintech. After working with emBlue for just two months, they increased nine times the amount of leads through email marketing and automation.
Industry: Fintech.

How to increase sales 40% in 8 months?

Autogalias is a dealership of Renault brand with more than 20 years of certified experience in the commercialization of new and used vehicles in Colombia. In just 8 months of work emBlue became the center of its digital strategy and was a key point in the digital transformation of the company. They managed to increase their sales by 40% and reduced the acquisition cost of lead by 51%.
Industry: Automotive.

Discover how a pet care & nutrition shop increased sales due to customer data integrations

Digital communications Integration was an important challenge for Puppis. Despite using state of the art platforms their messages needed Personalization. emBlue teamed up with the company developing an omnichannel strategy from every Touch Point & collected customers Interactions to profit & optimize their communications.
Industry: E-commerce.

tienda naranja
Attract the interest of every customer.

Based on interest, Tienda Naranja increased their weekly deliveries with dynamic content, using “Remarketing emBlue,” and increasing the number of visits.

Great results with remarketing.

Customers that have showed interest in a specific category were recontacted with related content.

stock center
Increasingly more relevant content for your users.

By managing a clear communications hub and a specific goal towards personalized customer advantage, we were able to achieve effective actions.

What they say about our service

In emBlue we found an effective, precise and a very good service to walk us through our journey. Support was given at every single moment and due to their cordiality and professionalism, they make a statement that reminds us that behind the platform there are people whose ultimate goal is service excellence.

Walter D. Gabarret

Email Marketing Manager

In the actual context of digital marketing it is beneficial to have a platform that is based in Omnichannel as a strategy to improve the user experience and achieve better conversion rates. As a bonus, it is possible to carry out entirely all these through automatic flows.

Damián López

Campaign Analyst

It’s a very professional experience where we always can find advice in every aspect, from the strategy to prepare a communication plan based on our client’s need, to the use and functionalities of the tool. The possibility to link it with other apps as VTEX generates an automation process that reduces the operation time in the platform. Their constant advice and management of each client, understanding the different needs of everyone.

Damian Girardi

Digital Strategist

With emBlue we were able to personalize all of our communications, which increased the Open Rate and the Click through rate of all our campaigns.

Federico Andino

Ecommerce Boss

emBlue was the strategic partner that Red Link needed for the design and execution of the company’s Email Marketing strategy, with a level of scalability according to our business.

Brian Wolfsdorf

Campaigns Analyst

My experience with emBlue has been always very good and favorable.

Marcelo Clerico

Business Advisor

Excellent. Always in the forefront of Email Marketing.

Federico Lombardi

Business Manager

emBlue helped us to automate the send of new, and pending invoices.

Eduardo Santillo


Migration to emBlue has allowed processes to be more automated and at the same time we can establish our own rules of the game when directing our campaigns.

Gian de Larderel

Digital strategies leader