Manage your customer relationships and increase their value over time

Create a distinctive brand experience

With the help of our CRM solution, you have all the resources you require to deepen your relationship with your clients and produce unique customer experiences that set you apart from the competition.

Integrate and unify your databases

Improve your contact details

Segment and analyze your user base

Predict your target's behavior

Campaign creation and automations

Know your customers' level of happiness

Simplify your customer management and
maximize your results

Your customers are constantly changing. With the help of our CRM, you can give your data life and remain relevant in your customers' daily lives by creating highly personalized campaigns that relate to their interests.

Gather the most crucial data from your clients.

Keep track of all communications with your clients in one location, and update their information automatically. With emBlue you have access to the most relevant information about your consumers easily, quickly and in real time.

Put information into practice

Use the power of Machine Learning to predict your customers' behavior. Analyze their previous purchases and their navigation on your website to determine which product or service they are most likely to be interested in.

Create smarter and more effective campaigns with emblue

emBlue recipes

Thanks to our "emBlue recipes" you will be able to use predefined segments and manage your contacts to hyper-customize the content of your messages easily.

eCommerce Segments

Do you have an eCommerce? Segment your consumer base using additional criteria like the last month's purchases, product categories, certain items, and more.

emBlue's new dynamic segments are updated and fed back to you

According to the behavior of each of your customers and their interaction with your campaigns and their interaction with your campaigns. Now that you know what your target audience is actually interested in, you can develop communications that are more effective.

Acquire our solution CRM B2C and take your brand experience to the next level