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Marketing Automation Power

Personalization, a unique experience to bond your audience. emBlue helps you build up a real message focused on your customers.


Automation creates communication steps engaging your customers with flows through Omnichannel, building personalized messages for every stage of the way. An enriching experience that changes the game forever.

email and marketing connect

Personalize, systematize & simplify
HTML messages creation

emBlue Dynamic Content Manager feature, systematizes & lets you build tailor made messages based on your customers’ interests.Linking your HTML design with different data sources, giving your customers an outstanding experience .

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Deliver a Faster Message

emBlue Quick Campaigner feature. Either you need a high volume messages load, a quick connection to other sources, or a faster communication without a tech savvy.

email and marketing connect

Omnichannel automation

Get higher results creating the right channel combination. Connect with your customers through a real Omnichannel experience, customizing your email, SMS, Text, Push messages.

sms push notification

How a fashion brand, became a leader in e-commerce with a reduce team, reaching out 78% open rate due to segmentation

Koaj became a leader brand in e-commerce, building a closer connection to their customers. emBlue enabled Koaj to identify each customer’s interest & develop individual journeys & messages, that accordingly, achieved this high email open rate.

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