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Increase your sales, know the interests of your users and send personalized messages. We adapt our solutions according to your needs!

Add new customers by using unique strategies

Pop Ups
Pop Ups

Even making multiple efforts, you don’t get to attract potential leads to your contacts database? With our Banners Pop Ups, you will be able to activate a promotion widget to incentivize the registry in your ecommerce.

Plus, you will be able to add subscription widgets to motivate your prospective customers to leave their personal details to receive news about your products, services, launches, promotions, and much more.

Pop Ups
Pixel Tracking

Segment your contacts according to their interests

Pixel Tracking
Pixel Tracking

Don’t your customers read your emails? You may be sending the wrong message. By using emBlue you will be able to know what really interests them and, in this way, send them the messages they really want to receive.

Our platform allows you to identify your customers behavior while they are surfing around your e-commerce. Plus, you can create groups according to their interests and personalize your communications. Show them how important they are for you!


No more abandoned carts


Would you like to re-engage the interest of those who abandoned the purchase in the middle of the process? With strategies such as Remarketing you will be able to send emails with reminders, discounts, promotions and much more to specific user groups.

Plus, you can get to know precisely who couldn’t finish their purchase and, in this way, you can create additional strategies to impact them again.

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Net Promoter Score

Know what your customers think of your service

Net Promoter Score

Aren’t you sure if they liked your new product or would you like to know how their recent purchase was? With NPS you will be able to create personalized surveys to know their opinion about your products, services and new launches.

Discovering your customers' experience with your brand has never been so easy! Send your customers personalized surveys after interacting with your e-commerce and make sure you are giving them the best experience possible!

We integrate with your favorite platform

When using emBlue you will be able to integrate to the most popular ecommerce platforms around the world. Don’t you find the platform of your preference? Don’t worry, our specialist team can take care of working in the integration you need.

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“With emBlue and its specialists, we were able to increase our email marketing sales by 52%”.

Carlos Alberto Ramos Loo, TI and e-commerce Manager at Miniso

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