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Build Up Bonding Through
Email marketing & Pixel tracking

Have a more relevant & personal connection with your customers on a First-Name basis relationship communication, sharing coupons on birthdays and showing them you know them.

Pixel tracking

Track your customers’ interaction on your website & identify their interests from their very first browsing. knowing your customers thoroughly allows you a deeper personal communication.

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By knowing your customers thoroughly, you segment their preferences, hence, tailor-made messages flow throughout emBlue by gender, geolocation & purchase history; automating audiences ruled by gathered info Data Base & interaction.

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Split Test

Split test feature ensures you the best open rates trying out different email subjects to an audience determining the best performance optimizing your overall results.

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Getting to know your customers deeper optimizes your future emails to an awesome response, identifying down to opens, clicks-ons & interests, of whoever reached on your marketing campaign. Our reports function, also provides a faster & efficient Google Analytics integration with a customized panel, for your emBlue campaigns having all your data unified.

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Transactional messages & attached files

Leverage the power of transactional messages. Transactional messages carry relevant and critical information for your customers; emBlue helps you to react in real time, triggering messages through different channels, based on different events like account creation, password reset or invoices, optimizing the speed and deliverability. Our state of the art function, also allows you to send personalized attachments in every message, such as invoices, plane tickets or account status.

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Quick campaigner

Your messages can be even faster. Automate and trigger high volume messages without having to access our users interface. Upload information and send messages on a mass scale, through our easy Quick Campaigner functionality, without technical means.

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