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Build Up Bonding Through Email marketing & Pixel tracking

Pixel tracking

Pixel tracking

Track your customers’ interaction on your website & identify their interests from their very first browsing. Knowing your customers thoroughly allows you a deeper personal communication.



By knowing your customers thoroughly, you segment their preferences, hence, tailor-made messages flow throughout emBlue by gender, geolocation & purchase history; automating audiences ruled by gathered info Data Base & interaction.

Split Test

Split Test

Split test feature ensures you the best open rates trying out different email subjects to an audience determining the best performance optimizing your overall results.

Reportes de campañas


Getting to know your customers deeper optimizes your future emails to an awesome response, identifying down to opens, clicks-ons & interests, of whoever reached on your marketing campaign. Our reports function, also provides a faster & efficient Google Analytics integration with a customized panel, for your emBlue campaigns having all your data unified.

Emails transaccionales y adjuntos

Transactional messages & attached files

Leverage the power of transactional messages. Transactional messages carry relevant and critical information for your customers; emBlue helps you to react in real time, triggering messages through different channels, based on different events. Our state of the art function, also allows you to send personalized attachments in every message, such as invoices, plane tickets or account status.

Quick campaigner

Quick campaigner

Your messages can be even faster.Automate and trigger high volume messages without having to access our users interface. Upload information and send messages on a mass scale, through our easy Quick Campaigner functionality, without technical means.

The most versatile platform on the market

screenshot email marketing software

Our email marketing software has been designed to help companies from all industries send and track their communications in each of their verticals.

Marketing | Sales | Services | HR

We have a wide variety of tools to allow you to increase your customer base, identify their interests and generate increasingly more relevant, personalized, and effective conversations.


Right to your side at every step

Our team of specialists will be with you from day one to train you in the use of our email marketing software, plan your strategies and help you achieve your business goals.

Your message, always on time

Reduce your operational burden. We help you automate as many messages as possible, and create dynamic flows and sequences for all types of users, which are activated at the moment with the highest conversion possibilities.

Get to know your customers even better

With our email marketing software you will be able to keep your contacts' data automatically updated, know their behavior and segment them according to their interests, to boost your results.

Succes cases: D8 Austin

D8 Austin incrementó en 24% su recuperación de carritos abandonados

D8 Austin was looking for a platform that integrates with Wix and offers them tools to attract new customers and recover unfinished sales. Find out what strategies helped them increase 7% their eCommerce sales.

Industry: E-commerce | Country:USA USA

Email marketing FAQs

Is email marketing necessary for my business?

If you want to take your brand one step further, you need to consider it. More than 59% of marketing experts say it's the best source of ROI. By adding email as a communication channel you will not only sell more but also keep your customers loyal and you will be able to get to know them better and personalize your content.

What are the advantages of email marketing?

There are many advantages of implementing email marketing in your digital strategy, but the highlights are:

  • Its high profitability makes it the main tool to increase your conversions and get the best return on your investment.
  • Possibility of integrating it with marketing automation to save time and work: schedule emails to be sent when your user interacts with your brand.
  • Access to metrics to know how relevant you are to your audience and how they interact with your brand.
  • Message personalization and segmentation of your database to send the ideal content for each user.

Can I send emails for free?

Sure! You can request your free plan and start sending emails whenever you want and 100% free of charge. Once you have configured the email address that will be the sender and your database ready, compose your message and hit "send"!

How many mass emails can I send?

It's up to you! We have several options for you so you can choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

How can I grow my mailing list?

Your database can grow and grow, but what does it depend on? Mainly on the method you choose to collect your customers' information.

With emBlu,e you can integrate with your CRM or e-commerce platform. You will also have our pop-up subscription banners available to insert on your site and ask your customers to register to send them more information. Remember that any addition of contacts to your database must have been done by the subscriber's own will.

Can I test mailings?

You can and you should! With emBlue you will be able to test before sending, to make sure the message arrives as you want it to and make modifications if you wish. For this procedure, you must create a test list adding the email addresses of those who should receive the test. By confirming your request, they will be able to receive your email before sending it to your customers.

You will also be able to choose several options of email subjects for A/B testing. The subject that gets the most openings in a given time will be the one that will finally be shown to all your customers.

Does the platform include designs and templates?

If you don't have a design team in your workspace, you can choose to use the templates we've created for you. All of them are easy to edit.
Choose from all of them the best option to achieve your goal and use our Power Editor to use the best of each one.
But that's not all! If you need more, our team is ready to design your mailings and campaigns.

How can I know if my mailing strategy is working?

To know if your email marketing campaigns were successful, you will find in your "reports" panel all the information you need. You will be able to see the open rate of your mailings, the click rate, the percentage of unsubscribes, as well as the region and device your customers choose to view your emails. Analyzing each one in detail to optimize your next campaigns will be easier and easier, and our experts can send you personalized reports if you need them.

Is technical knowledge required to operate the platform?

At all! Our platform is very easy to use by anyone on your team. In addition, our Customer Success representatives are ready to walk you through the entire onboarding process and set up your account so that it is 100% customized to your needs.

What if I need help with my email marketing strategy?

When you order any of our plans, our team will welcome you with personalized onboarding and live training to help you get the most out of your email marketing strategy, in addition to our help desk in your language whenever you need it, our customer success team for onboarding and account setup, and our implementation team whenever you need it.