platform integration

All your information
in one place

emBlue connects natively
to CRMs, e-commerce & more

Create unified a customers’ journey, synching data among platforms to emBlue, with our flexible & scalable solution. emBlue as an Omnichannel HUB, tidies up your customers’ information as it gives you a 360 of their interactions, for a far more efficient communication.Our native and fully integrations with top platforms, saves you time & lets you focus on a deeper connection with your customers.

All data in just one place


Real time data synchronization

emBlue’s Hub unifies all data sources integrating information instantly, neatly & organized.


Bringing teams together

Enhance your team’s power, working together towards the same goal, one single view of your all customers consolidated view


Give a new meaning to your KPIs

Access more data, set greater goals & improve your KPIs releasing the power of your Omnichannel Strategies.


Information is power
& better in real time

Exchange & Update all synced information in real time.


One hub, all records analysis

Data collected from all sources analyzed in one hub.


Optimize your campaigns’ profitability

Integration allows customers’ campaigns measure profitability efficiently.

Customers behaviors shape decision making

A one hub data storage 360 customer behaviors eases real time decision making.

email and marketing connect

Discover how a pet care & nutrition shop increased
sales due to customer data integrations

Digital communications Integration was an important challenge for Puppis. Despite using state of the art platforms their messages needed Personalization. emBlue teamed up with the company developing an omnichannel strategy from every Touch Point & collected customers Interactions to profit & optimize their communications.

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