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emBlue makes marketing simple. Our platform and strategic team help you connect with your contacts and customize your offers to create unique, relevant customer experiences through email, SMS, text, push notification and more using our unique A.I. Technology


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Engage, Enroll, and Enhance 

Your Client Experience with A.I.

Every interaction says a lot about your customers, which is why we’ve built a platform which analyzes every touch point -- so you get a 360-degree view of who your customers are, what they want, and where they’re engaging with your marketing.
With emBlue, you can segment your audience based on behavior to define customers’ journeys, create personalized messaging according to their unique preferences, and optimize your customer experience with real-time A.I. multi-channel integration.
And if you want comprehensive, multichannel marketing executed flawlessly for your business, without having to get into the nuts and bolts yourself -- our team also offers full service management for all your direct marketing communications and analytics.

Just set up your FREE account and schedule a demo with one of our experts, and we’ll help you discover how emBlue can optimize the growth of your business.

What emBlue Can Do For Your Business


Send The Perfect Message at the Perfect Time

emBlue’s unique technology allows you to save time personalizing your messages and segmenting your audiences more easily, meaning you hit the inbox, and engage and enroll your clients more often. This frees you up so you can focus more on the things that matter in your business. 

Connect With Your Customers In The Right Place at The Right Time

With emBlue SMS you can effortlessly and easily program and send time-sensitive integrated announcements and marketing messages that deepen the client experience and get you more engagement and enrollments with SMS and Push Notifications.

Stay Connected With Customers and Market To Them 24/7

emBlue helps you automate and easily trigger custom interactions and personalized experiences using a simple, robust platform that integrates multiple channels (MultiChannel). You’ll free yourself from needing 2 or 3 other platforms and have everything you need in one place to simplify automation, and maximize performance.

Less Time, More Profit

Our platform can easily help you reach your clients with tailor-made messages customized and based on their own interests. It may sound complex, however the emBlue technology makes it simple and reduces anxiety and complexity.

Easily Design & Personalize Ultra-Effective Communication (even if you’re not a tech expert)

With our Easy to Use Technology, You Get Pre-Designed Templates with Drag & Drop Functionality, so you can easily send beautiful, more engaging, personalized messages to your customers in no time.

Optimize Your Marketing & Your Business

emBlue allows you to nurture your audience from multiple sources by integrating seamlessly with CRMs, V-tex, Magento, Mercadoshops, Salesforce, Mailmunch, Survey Monkey, and many more.
And with our powerful API capabilities, emBlue connects you with almost any platform you could possibly want to use. With emBlue, you don’t need to be a Tech Pro. It will just feel like you are one as you optimize your business.

Put Our Team to Work for You

Our marketing experts don’t stop at planning & designing strategies for your daily communication challenges -- we roll up our sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with you all along the way, until the job is done. You’re never alone and you can put our team to work for you to help you solve small or big challenges. We’re in this together. Find out how we’re different today!

Free Up Your Time, Free Up Your Team

Want to go beyond a Do It Yourself Platform? You can get our Team to help plan, manage, run, and implement your campaigns.

We’ll Move You From Your Current Platform to emBlue for FREE!

Concerned about the time it would take, or the potential loss of engagement and data by moving to a new platform? We’ll solve that for you too! Move to emBlue and we’ll handle your move for you - at no additional cost.

Here’s What People Are Saying About emBlue

How wenance Increased 9 Times the Amount of Leads in Two Months.

Wenance is Argentina’s leader credit fintech. After working with emBlue for just two months, they increased nine times the amount of leads through email marketing and automation.

How to Increase Sales 40% in 8 months?

Autogalias is a dealership of Renault brand with more than 20 years of certified experience in the commercialization of new and used vehicles in Colombia. In just 8 months of work emBlue became the center of its digital strategy and was a key point in the digital transformation of the company. They managed to increase their sales by 40% and reduced the acquisition cost of lead by 51%.

Discover How a Pet Care & Nutrition Shop Increased Sales Due to Customer Data Integrations

Digital communications Integration was an important challenge for Puppis. Despite using state of the art platforms their messages needed Personalization. emBlue teamed up with the company developing an omnichannel strategy from every Touch Point & collected customers Interactions to profit & optimize their communications.

Find Out How Legión Extranjera Increased Its Base by 50%

Legión Extranjera is a company that relies on the online world for their business strategy, so they wanted and needed to be present at the Hot Sale, but they were facing a challenge: to expand their customer base while still providing a personalized and positive user experience.

Koaj achieves an opening rate of 78% thanks to segmentation

KOAJ needed to have closer contact with their customers. By identifying their customer different journeys, and performing a correct segmentation based on their needs, they achieved a 78% e-mail opening rate.

Attract the interest of every customer

Based on interest, Tienda Naranja increased their weekly deliveries with dynamic content, using “Remarketing emBlue,” and increasing the number of visits.

Great results with remarketing

Customers that have showed interest in a specific category were recontacted with related content.

Increasingly more relevant content for your users

By managing a clear communications hub and a specific goal towards personalized customer advantage, we were able to achieve effective actions.

What People Say About Our Service

Migration to emBlue has allowed processes to be more automated and at the same time we can establish our own rules of the game when directing our campaigns.
Gian de Larderel
Digital strategies leader
In emblue we found an effective, precise and a very good service to walk us through our journey. Support was given at every single moment. And due to their cordiality and professionalism, they make a statement that reminds us that behind the platform there are people whose ultimate goal is service excellence. 
Walter D. Gabarret
Email Marketing Manager
In the actual context of digital marketing it is beneficial to have a platform that is based in Omnichannel as a strategy to improve the user experience and achieve better conversion rates. 
Damian Lopez
Campaign Analyst

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