Assist Card reduces by 70% the time invested in mailing campaigns thanks to emBlue

With the demand on passenger assistance services, Assist Card needed to find a platform to allow them to integrate, automate and personalize their communication strategies, all in one single place.

Assist Card Assist Card


We managed to duplicate
their Open Rate in


We reduced the time invested in creating their campaigns


email marketing channel incrementation (comparing against pre-pandemic figgures)


“ We wanted a more robust platform, to allow us play and explore between the integration channels”

Paula Giovanelli, Design & Own
Media Leader in Assist Card


Paula Giovanelli, Design & Own
Media Leader in Assist Card

Assist Card, as an multinational operation company, required tools that helped optimize the time of its comunication development. That was the case, its internal team incharge of this task, had the necessity of an intuitive platform, easy to implement and capable of optimizing its campaign sendings.

Suggested strategy:

Jet Vargas

“Help reducing invested time in sendings to clients from all over the worlds”

Jet Vargas, Account manager - emBlue

Jet Vargas

Jet Vargas, Account manager - emBlue

In a previous team, Giovanelli had the opportunity to use our app, so he had the knowledge of how to use the platform and how we could help Assist Card

When we started the Onboarding Process, we assigned Jet Vargas, an exclusive specialist for Assist Card, who suggested the complete migration from his strategy, to our platform.

Also, emBlue provided training sessions regarding the app’s functionalities and automation processes.



Assist Card points out not only the platform functionalities, but also Jet’s constant support, and the assistance of the 360 team and the Support team.

Centralized sendings for all operational countries

Thanks to the platform, the management of all the countries was done by only one interface, with different accounts, allowing the selection of groups according to certain characteristics

The operational work was reduced by 70%

For the email marketing campaings, they now work with the templates changing the subject only, pre header, links and images. with the Drag and Drop tool, pre-built templates were used to facilitate the every day’s work.

Constant support

From day one, Assist Card had a dedicated specialist to assist them in any situation. Also the induction and the free training course allowed them to develop their flows and strategies to exploit the platform at its maximum capacity.

Web tracking for campaigns and remarketing

With web tracking, it has been possible to follow and understand the behavior of their clients, to know what campaigns did not work at their 100% and helpt personalize the communication thanks to the dynamic fields.

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Client description:

Assist Card, one of the Starr Insurance Companies, it's an organization dedicated to providing passenger assistance services. Assist Card was established in 1972 in Switzerland and since then, it has expanded rapidly in the last five years.

Pioneer in the development of the traveling assistance concept, offering inmeate support under any eventuality in any part of the worls, 24/7 and in your language

Industry: Passenger assistance services

Location: Argentina

Current plan: Enterprise

Products used:
Email Marketing - Remarketing
Drag and Drop - Automation

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