Boost revenue and win back lost clients with email marketing


Say goodbye to cart abandonment and hello to engaged consumers.

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Bring back lost business

Identify which consumers visit your website or online store but don't complete a purchase.


Boost your ROI and conversions

Encourage them to come back and finish by sending them personalized messages together with the goods or services they were going to buy.


Improve the retention of customers

By providing customised updates or exclusive deals, you can increase customer engagement and establish trust.

How emBlue functions?

Our Content Management System helps us convert data into outcomes.


→ Customize

Using Tags and Pixel tracking, intelligently and dynamically create unique content based on each user's choices.

Create designs

→ Designed content

Include products from your catalog automatically by using pre-designed templates so you won't need to design each time.


→ Maximize your time

Make email creation automatic and make sure sendings are made from the most recent product catalog you submitted.


→ Segment

Send out many mailings to highly targeted niches, tailoring each contact's email based on their activity.

Get started regaining lost clients right away!
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