Happiness module

Retain and engage
your customers to
get valuable referrals
to grow your business

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Keeping customers happy has never been easier

With our NPS solution you will be able to improve the relationship with your customers and understand how they feel about your brand in order to execute fast and effective actions.

Item 1

Ask them about their experience

Create satisfaction surveys for each of your processes or purchase stages.

Item 2

One step ahead

Know the mood of your customers before interacting with them.

Item 3

Contact them just in time

Automate your strategies for each qualification and send them personalized messages.

Item 4

Focus on what's most important

Easily identify detractors and take action to regain their trust.

NPS, the key to customer loyalty

The Net Promoter Score is an indicator that allows us to measure exactly how satisfied your customers are with the experience you offer them.

How does it work? By asking them, from 1 to 10, how much they would recommend you to a friend or acquaintance. This way we detect improvement opportunities for your brand.

Email Marketing

Your NPS strategy
is simpler with emBlue

Send your surveys through the channel in which you interact the most with your customers and get them to respond faster.

Banners Pop Ups

Banners pop ups

Implement an NPS Pop Up Banner in your website or app that is activated when a user buys for the first time.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Create emails that redirect to your NPS surveys and schedule them to be sent out at the time you see fit.

SMS y WhatsApp

SMS y Whatsapp

Use the channels with the best open rates to send out your NPS surveys and provide an omnichannel experience to your customers.

All the information you need, just one click away

Get greater visibility into your customers' experience and ensure they are satisfied with your product or service.

Calificaciones de usuarios

Know their latest ratings and filter your contacts according to their happiness.

Nivel de satisfacción

With emBlue you can measure your customer's level of satisfaction in real time


Automate the sending of Emails, SMS and Push Notifications based on their responses


Find out how their experience evolved and what was the impact of your strategies.