NPS. Net Promote Score

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Your Net Promoter Score Strategy, simpler with emBlue

NPS pop-up banners

  • Improve your onboarding Use them on your website or app when a user purchases something for the first time and accompany them in the best way.
  • Adjust the Customer Journey and discover which are the weaknesses that make you lose customers.
  • Answer instantly By automating an email for each customer rating.

NPS surveys through email marketing

  • Follow your reputation closely Send an NPS survey email to your customers every 3-4 months to know how their experience is evolving.
  • Stay close to each customer Send them an NPS survey a few days after each purchase and find out if they are happy with their product or service.
  • Increase your engagement By showing them that you care about their opinion and experience with your brand.

Automate and don't waste time on each message

Integrate your Net Promoter Score strategy into the emBlue marketing automation module.

Send customized messages to users according to their answers through email marketing, Push Notifications, or SMS messages.

NPS campaigns with customized reports

1. In real-time The metrics of your NPS reports are updated every 30 minutes.

2. Detailed answers Find out what each client thinks and understand the trends of your business.

Start your NPS strategy and forget about losing customers

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