Miniso increased its sales by 52% with email campaigns thanks to emBlue

Miniso was looking for a platform that would allow them to send unlimited emails and implement new conversion tools in their ecommerce. And in order to increase the performance of their email marketing campaigns, they requested the support of our specialists.

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Their open rate increased by 44%


Doubled their conversion rate with email campaigns



Increased their return on investment by 76%


More sales with email marketing



They Increased their email sending frequency

Carlos Alberto Ramos Loo

“We have obtained excellent results in a short time thanks to emBlue. Their specialists are always available and constantly support us to improve our sales”

Carlos Alberto Ramos Loo, TI and e-commerce
Manager at Miniso

Carlos Alberto Ramos Loo

Carlos Alberto Ramos Loo, TI and e-commerce
Manager at Miniso

Before learning about emBlue, Miniso used a platform that limited their email marketing campaigns and prevented them from maintaining a good sending frequency. This meant that communications with its customers were reduced and its email marketing channel did not have the impact it expected on their monthly sales.

With the challenge of increasing the participation of this channel in its results, Miniso needed a platform that would align with its business needs and allow it to send unlimited emails, helping it to implement innovative marketing strategies to increase its conversions.

Proposed strategy:

Manger Canterac

"We identified the behavior of users who browsed the Miniso website and sent them personalized communications based on their product interests"

Manger Canterac, Key Account Manager at emBlue

Manger Canterac

Manger Canterac, Key Account Manager at emBlue

Thanks to the support of our specialist Manger Canterac and the native integration of our platform with VTEX, Miniso was able to know the activity of its customers and assign them Tags in an automated way, to segment them according to their interests and send them email campaigns with 100% personalized content.

In addition, remarketing strategies were implemented to reduce the abandoned cart rate and automatic email sequences were created, which were activated every time a new Tag was associated with a user, thus reducing Miniso's operational burden.

On the other hand, welcome push notifications were installed and the frequency of emails sent was increased to strengthen the bond with their customers, launch discounts and special promotions and thus increase their chances of conversion.



Miniso increased its sales by 52% with email marketing campaigns and increased its sending frequency up to 8 times, reaching an opening rate of 64%.

Dedicated specialist team

From day one, an e-commerce specialist assigned by emBlue met with them to guide and train them in the use of our platform, as well as help them define their strategies to ensure that their campaigns achieve the best possible performance.

Automated Dynamic Content (ADC)

Thanks to the technology of our platform´s content management tool, Miniso was able to automate the assembly of its emails, taking into account the behavior of its users. In this way, their messages were personalized with the products they had interacted with, and variables such as stock and prices were taken into account in real time.

Native VTEX Integration

With the native integration between emBlue and VTEX, Miniso was able to implement our tools easily and quickly, taking advantage of the optimization between both platforms to increase the effectiveness of their strategies.

With emBlue’s technology and its team of specialists, we were able to help and develop Miniso´s sales and more ecommerce throughout Latin America and the United States.

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Client Description:

MINISO is a fun brand that offers quality lifestyle products at affordable prices. Focusing on minimalist design and fun trends, its mission is to ensure that a better life is not about price. It currently has 4,200 stores in more than 80 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, India, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and more.

Industry: Retail - Fashion- Backpacks and Accessories

Location: Perú

Current plan: Professional

Products used:
Marketing Automation - Email Marketing -
Pixel Tracking - Triggers - Push Notifications

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