Remarketing email marketing

Re-engage your
audience with email
marketing campaigns

Remarketing & omnichannel merge power

emBlue remarketing creates more relevant communications. Setting-up tailor-made messages, based on each customer’s interests, enhancing remarketing power, combining an array of channels through customer´s flows.

Remarketing is the solution to improve


Cross - Selling

Remarketing & Pixel tracking let you discover your customers´ interests for a more relevant messaging interaction, focused on related products.


Up - Selling

Bundling Up your customers´ purchase history, & browsing interests, creating powerful data to customize your offers & increase your sales.

emBlue TAGs

Know your customers thoroughly & connect
with them based on real preferences

emBlue TAGs makes a record of each customer’s interests, products browsed & purchases based on their interactions through different sources, email, Web Browsing, Purchase or external customer data.

TAGs records enables contacting your customers through personalized messages automatically, created in our Dynamic Content Manager, enhancing the experience & levering your campaigns’ results.


Personalize, systematize & simplify
html messages creation

emBlue’s Dynamic Content Manager feature systematizes as it lets you build tailor made messages, based on your customers’ interests.Linking your HTML design to different data sources, giving your customers an outstanding experience.

Create designs

Make your templates according to emBlue templates and automatically include products from your catalogue. This way, you will not have to design all the time.

email and marketing connect

Automate assembling
& optimizing your messages

Automatically assemble your HTML messages bringing information from your website or e-commerce catalog, maximizing time & doing a better job. Let our platform build you routinely designs, automate email creation easily & ensure up-to-date facts, based on the latest information you publish.

sms push notification

Amazing results need segmentation

emBlue Dynamic Content tells each customer who received a different message as a 1 to 1 segment.

email and marketing connect

Increase Leads 9X
Learn how a fintech company achieved it in just two months

A credit fintech leader increased 9X Leads, through emBlue platform Omnichannel & Automation strategy.

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