SMS Marketing Service

Send personalized
SMS and display
push messages

SMS messages

Be closer to who matters most

With emBlue SMS you are able to send last minute info, sensitive or marketing messages, all integrated to your customers’ journey.


Spread out last minute
deals like never before

Make your relevant & Latest info handy to your customers on SMS messages.


Keep your contacts informed
at the right time

Also use SMS for all your transactional messages updates & reminders in real time.


your messages

Use all available information from your customers to tailor-make your SMS messages easily.


Become Omnichannel

Build up customers’ journey uniquely, linking different channels as email, SMS, Push Notifications among others reaching out to your customers efficiently, through email & automatically, emBlue will send an SMS to remind those who have not opened it yet.

emBlue SMS Benefits

Unlimited messages.
Integrate SMS into different customers’ journeys on different channels.
Schedule messages among dates, times & segments of your data base.
Send individual or massive messages.
Get received or rejected messages in real time reports.


Brand new ways to
speed up your communications

Push Notifications are ideal for its alert-like style, and may be sent to any website visitor on desktop or mobile device, the most noticeable advantage is that you can send urgent messages and show attractive offers any time your customer is browsing internet, even though it is on a different website from yours.

Get closer
to your customers

Push Notifications are key to Omnichannel. They are an ideal channel in order to build a trustworthy and customized bond with your audience. If you send relevant notifications you will for sure create a positive experience!

Let your customers know
you think of them

Push Notifications remind your customers of a near event due date, coming alerts or general communications.

Let the
world know

Shout out when your new launches for services or products birth. Push Notifications make your more relevant news go public.

Bring Back Your Customers

Use Push Notifications to reel your customers back up & hook them on to your company once more, when they have been away for a while.

Learn how Autogalias increased its sales by 40%
in just 8 months
due to omnichannel.

Car Dealer with a 20+ years of successful experience, in barely 8 months, after strategizing their digital transformation through emBlue platform as a digital strategy hub, increased sales like never before.

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