Entrepreneurs' Organization increased
its open rate by 50%
with emBlue

Entrepreneurs' Organization West needed a tool that would allow them to effectively segment to enhance their database. They were able to improve their click-through rate and assess the effectiveness of their messaging in addition to resolving segmentation issues using emBlue.

Entrepreneurs' Organization Entrepreneurs' Organization

Increased Open Rate by up to 50%

Increased click-through rate by 15%


"Thanks to emBlue's advanced segmentation we transformed the ability to effectively reach our members, offering personalized and relevant messages."

Keith Roberts, CEO at Entrepreneurs' Organization.


Keith Roberts, CEO at Entrepreneurs' Organization.

Entrepreneurs' Organization faced challenges with database management. Their failure to segment by city made it more difficult for them to target new members based on the local section they belonged to. Their decision-making was further hampered by their inability to assess the effectiveness of their communications on a member-by-member basis.

Approached strategy:

Ana Mosquera

"We implemented a comprehensive segmentation, personalized communication and reporting strategy to determine the location of each contact, solve segmentation issues and evaluate performance effectively."

Ana Mosquera, Creative Strategist emBlue

Ana Mosquera

Ana Mosquera, Creative Strategist emBlue

Using the geographic location data gathered by Google Analytics, we developed a segmentation technique that enabled us to deliver individual messages to each network member, catering to their unique requirements and interests.

In order to target particular events by city, we will simultaneously develop mass messages with individualized characteristics and hyper-segmented material based on their location.

In terms of reporting, we evaluate each local division's communication performance using analytical techniques. We tracked each message's open rate, click-through rate, and conversion to determine which divisions respond better and to adjust our strategy.



"Thanks to the professionalism and understanding of our needs by the emBlue team, this strategy has generated increased participation from our members and improved the effectiveness of our communications."

More Effective Communications.

The effectiveness of communications improved with the opportunity to assess performance by section.

Better Message Relevance.

We were able to send relevant messages to each section's members thanks to the segmentation method, which increased responsiveness to communications and involvement.

Google Analytics UTMs and Data Analysis.

By the use of Google Analytics' analytics capabilities and UTM implementation, we were able to get useful data regarding the prospects' locations for each chapter, which enhanced the conversion strategy and raised the conversion rate from prospective to active members.

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Client description:

A global business network called Entrepreneurs' Organization unites 13,000 of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in 57 countries and 179 local network sections. Established in 1987 by a cohort of youthful entrepreneurs, EO facilitates the exchange of knowledge among entrepreneurs, resulting in amplified commercial prosperity and a more fulfilling personal life.

Industry: Education

Location: USA

Current plan: Enterprise

Products used:
Marketing Automation - Triggers -
Simple Campaigns

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