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SMS Marketing: a channel that gets
you closer to your customers

Use SMS to send your most important messages. This channel is considered of importance and seriousness, and is ideal when you want to send sensitive or last minute information.


Diffuse your latest promotion
like you have never done before

Announce last minute promotions through SMS campaigns.


Keep your contacts informed

Set transactional SMS messages to confirm orders, update messages or reminders.


your messages.

Customize SMS messages with your contact names or any other information you may think relevant.


Turn your campaigns
into omnichannel

Automate SMS messages within email marketing flows. A few minutes later, customers will open your emails and will be receiving a text message.

Benefitsof sending SMS via emBlue

Setting dates, times
and recipient groups.
Having unlimited
Answering and interacting
with your database.
Sending SMS to contact
groups or individuals.
Receiving an arrival
confirmation report.


Speed up your sales
through limited time offers

Push notifications are ideal when you want to make clear that something is urgent. They come out all of the sudden on the user’s screen to show an attractive offer that will only be available during a few hours. This way, customers will want to go for it as soon as possible.

Get closer
to your customers.

Push notifications are key to omnichannel. They are an ideal channel in order to build a trustworthy and customized bond with your audience. If you send relevant notifications, you will definitely create a positive experience!

Show your customers that
you are thinking of them

Through push notifications, remind your customers that a due date is near or that some event, to which they have confirmed assistance, is near.

Announce your
latest news

If you launch a new product or service, tell your customers! You can use this channel to inform any sort of news valuable to the users.

Tell your customers
you miss them

This type of notifications is made for those contacts that have not bought, nor opened your emails for a long time. This way, you can motivate them to come back.

Learn how Autogalias increased its sales by 40%
in just 8 months
due to omnichannel.

Renault car dealership Autogalias has more than 20 years of certified experience in commercialising second-hand and brand new cars in Colombia. Just after eight months of work, emBlue became their digital strategy hub and became a key part of the company digital transformation.

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