The power of customization


Remarketing as a solution

Our remarketing feature will allow you to put together in only one configuration a dynamic template with original content for each contact according to their interests. This way, each message will be relevant and customized according to each customer’s preferences.

Remarketing is the solution for:



By registering your contact activities on your website, send related or add-on products.


Up Selling

According to your user interests, configure your templates and make customized offers.

emBlue TAGs

Get to know your customers and get in touch
with them
just by taking into account their preferences.

emBlue allows you to send customized content to your contacts according to the interests that have been reflected through the application TAGs. That is to say, we can create email templates containing dynamic and smart information.

Whether you do it manually or through services, such as Webconnect, thanks to the different TAGs and items linked to each contact, emBlue gives you the chance to develop a remarketing strategy.


Systematize, simplify and automate
creating HTMLs

The content manager links an external data source (XML) to an HTML template creating a unique piece of work. This allows you to focus your energy on customising your emails and multiplying your messages to highly segmented niches.

Create designs

Make your templates according to emBlue templates and automatically include products from your catalogue. This way, you will not have to design all the time.

email and marketing connect

Maximize times

Creating emails is quite repetitive, but you can automate your emails and ensure that they are updated based on the latest product catalogue you have uploaded.

sms push notification


According to your contact activities, send each of them unique email template via remarketing.

email and marketing connect

Learn how Wenance increased 9 times
the amount of leads in two months

Wenance is Argentina’s leader credit fintech. After working with emBlue for just two months, they increased nine times the amount of leads through email marketing and automation.

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