Integration throught platforms

is power


Connect emBlue in a native way with other CRM
applications, ecommerce and more.

In order to make your communication easier, emBlue works as a hub. That is to say, it is the central part where all your contact information is organized and compiled. This will allow you to connect applications and systems in a native way, via API or FTP, so as to share information among them.

These integrations will let you feed your contact base through data that has been gathered in other channels.

All data is located in just one place


Possibility of data synchronization

All data is unified automatically in the integrated platforms creating a homogeneous and cleansed base.


Interaction among working areas

Improve activity visibility and interaction among different departments or areas of the company.


Definition and execution of new KPIs

Having access to larger amounts of data and information, set new goals based on new indicators which are relevant to the company.


Information in real time among your different platforms

Information is exchanged and updated in real time in all the platforms.


Historical analysis
at one place

Data collected through time in different integrated platforms can be analysed at one place.


Determining profitability of campaigns executed in different environments

Being integrated, calculating the profitability of the campaigns that have been executed is much simpler and it allows you to rule out what does not work and to optimize what does work quickly and effectively.

Decision-making based on the user behaviour

Integration allows you to focus on the user directly and on how the behave with all the platforms with which he/she interacts.

email and marketing connect

Learn how Puppis designed a Customized experience
and increased their sales
due to integrations

Puppis is the first and only retail chain specialized in pet products and services in Argentina and Colombia. Despite having several digital features, including an email marketing platform, their communications were not customized. That is why, they contacted emBlue to become their partner, in order to develop an omnichannel strategy, which integrated all contact points between the customers and the brand. This way, they customized all communications to improve their metrics.

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