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With Drag and Drop, you will only have to choose one of all the templates we have pre designed for you. You can change texts, colours and images to customize your messages. All our templates are responsive to different devices.

Save time when designing your templates

Choose one of our pre designed templates according to your business needs and adapt it according to your goal. It is simple and intuitive!

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We adapt ourselves to any device

It is important that your communications are seen correctly in any type of device. That is why our templates are planned to be used in desktops, mobiles or tablets.

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Customize your communications

Adapt any of our templates with the official typeface and colours of your brand. Keep your identity visible!

email and marketing connect

Learn how Pepe Ganga reached the best online ROI of his industry due to Drag and Drop

Pepe Ganga had to calculate the amount of transactions generated by email marketing, to calculate the ROI and to compare the traffic of every channel, so as to improve performance. Thanks to the native integration of VTEX and emBlue, every consumer buying behaviour data was kept at emBlue to segment audiences. Transactions improved significantly and emails increased the revenue by 45% over the CPC and the ROI increased.

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