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The power of marketing automation

Personalising is the best way of bonding with your audience. The emBlue automation module helps you design communication flows focused on your customers.


Your communications can be configured according to your customer activity through customized triggers, called web events, and through API integrations. You can design different automatic action flows (flows) for each customer and optimize the purchase experience and, then, you can get performance reports of each flow, so as to optimize your communications based on real behaviour data.

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Systematize, simplify and automate
creating HTMLs

The content manager links an external data source (XML) to an HTML template creating a unique piece of work. This allows you to focus your energy on personalising your emails and multiplying your messages to highly segmented niches.

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Speed for your messages

Quick campaigner is ideal for those who have to do large daily messages, for companies that have integrated business intelligence solutions and that do daily transactions or for those who have to do recursive tasks and do not have a technologic means of automating processes. It also includes a list of addressees in CSV format, an email parameter configuration in XML format and an email template in HTML format.

email and marketing connect

Omnichannel automations

Combine channels, such as emails, SMS messages and Push Notifications, and become omnichannel being constantly in touch with your customers.

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Learn how Koaj achieved a 78% open rate due to segmentation

Koaj needed a closer connection with their customers. So, by identifying each customer’s journey and correctly segmenting them according to their interests, they achieved a 78% email open rate.

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