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email marketing and web connect

Have a more personal connection with your customers by calling them by their name on your communications, sending them discount coupons on their birthdays and showing them which products interest them.


Track the activity that your contacts have on their website and find out what they like. Then, you can use that information to send them content that interests them!

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According to their interactions and interests, segment your customer base and get more results by sending your messages to a more specific audience. Thanks to emBlue, not only can you segment by gender, geography and purchase history, but also do it according to all your user interests. For example, latest seen products or latest clicked category.

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Split Test

In order to make sure that you are sending the message that your customers have been waiting for, use our new split testing feature. With it, you will do random tests with your contact base to determine which subject gets higher open rates. The best subject will be sent to the rest of your database, so as to ensure the best open ratios.

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Identify who has opened your emails at a specific time and place and who has clicked on a specific link. This way, you can get to know your customers as no one has ever done before and optimize your next emails to get better results. Besides, you can incorporate your Google Analytics account, so as to have a more customized panel which will allow you to visualize your email marketing campaign traffic faster and more efficiently.

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Transactional emails and attached files

Transactional emails include very relevant information for your customers, such as confirmations of account creations, password resets, invoices or sales receipts, etcetera. Besides, you can attach files, such as invoices, tickets, plain tickets, to simple and transactional emails. Attach whatever you want!

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Quick campaigner

Your messages can be even faster. You can automate high volume messages without accessing a user interface. Quick campaigner is ideal for companies that have integrated business intelligence solutions and for companies that need to do recursive tasks and that do not have a technologic means of automating processes.

email and marketing connect

Learn how Legión Extranjera increased its base by 50% due to email marketing.

Legión Extranjera is a company that bases its commercial strategy on the online world. Therefore, they wanted and had to be part of the Hot Sale, but there was a challenge: how could they increase their customer base offering a customized and positive user experience?

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