We have a marketing
and email automation
Integration for your
Shift4Shop eCommerce

Shift4Shop Integration

Let us introduce you to the new emBlue - Shift4shop integration. This integration of email and marketing automation will scale up your eCommerce numbers.

The integration allows you to:

  • - Instantly sync all your new customers to the emBlue platform, automating all purchasing processes such as welcome email and order statuses (New, Shipped, Cancel, Not Completed, Unpaid).
  • - Automate your abandoned shopping carts.
  • - Effortlessly move forward your new registered contacts to the emBlue platform and send welcome emails and newsletters automatically.
  • - Get to know your customers in detail, based on their browsing behavior.
What allows the integration.

With some easy steps you will be ready to have:

Automation journeys: Trigger emails or SMS to your customers in seconds!
-Order Update: all possible order notification statuses executed instantly, New, Shipped , Cancel, Not Completed , Unpaid.
-New customer: You can send an automated message every time a contact is registered in the eCommerce system

Have all your customers and new registered contacts in one single communications hub:
In the first step, when generating the integration, we update all the contacts your Shift4shop ecommerce has in emBlue.

Increase your conversion rate with automatic Abandoned Cart:
trigger an automated message with all your abandoned carts

Personalize your message:
with your Shift4 Shop

Product catalog information:
Generate dynamic content based on the information you already have in your Product Catalog

Easy steps.

And best of all, you will never be alone! Our Multi Dicipline Team of Experts does not stop at planning & designing strategies for your daily communication challenges, but rolls up their sleeves & works shoulder to shoulder with you all along the way, until the job is done. Different plans based on your needs!

Easy three steps for your Integration


Firts step

  • 1. Enter the eCommerce admin.
  • 2. Go to the Modules section and look for the “REST API” module.
  • 3. Go to Settings and ADD to include the emBlue integration with the public key:
Screenshot Shift4Shop - emBlue.
  • 4. Authorize the emBlue APP Once.
  • 5. Authorized, the customer can create an emBlue account or, if they already have one, synchronization can be performed.
Screenshot two Shift4Shop - emBlue.


Second step

- Create your emBlue account, through the icon in the modules section.

emBlue form


Third step

You are ready to use emBlue!
- Go to emBlue APP and start using all the functionalities available for you. Access the platform via app.embluemail.com

emBlue form
emBlue app