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omnichannel simple.

At emBlue, we make omnichannel simple. Through our platform and strategic advice, your messages will be relevant. Choose whatever channel you want and get in contact with all your users in a customized way offering an omnichannel experience.

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We are Omni-channel.

We know how to create more relevant communications.

We listen

We recognize every touch point where your audience interacts with your brand.

We personalize

We segment your audience based on their behavior to define customer journeys.

We automatize

We implement intelligent communications flows, integrating different channels.

Get to know our omnichannel plataform

Email marketing & web connect

Send the right message at the right time.

By crossing your web site metrics with emBlue, you will be able to create behavior-segmented audiences. You will also be able to personalize your e-mail subject and content, based on the navigation and search of each user in your site.

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email and marketing connect

SMS y Push Notifications

Choose the most relevant channel for the very right time.

Combine communications channels to have more efficient campaigns. Inform users via SMS or Web notifications, based on your communications urgency or importance.

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sms push notification


Keep communications with your audience alive.

Know how your contacts interact with your brand and create personalized messages based on their specific needs. Automatic campaigns enable you to schedule deliveries in a single action. Forget about duplicating campaigns, save time organizing your delivery agenda.

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Dynamic Content - Remarketing

Save time, sell more.

Our remarketing tool will allow you to put together in a single configuration a dynamic piece with unique content for each user, based on his/her needs. This way, each delivery will be relevant and custom-made to each user interests.

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Drag & Drop

Design and personalize your own communications.

With drag & drop you will only need to choose a template among all those we have predesigned for you. You can change the texts, colors and images to personalize your messages. All our templates have been prepared to adapt to different devices.

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drag & drop


Integration is power.

Integrations will allow you to nurture your Contact Base with data gathered from other channels. Natively connect emBlue with other CRM and e-commerce applications, and more: V-Tex, Magento, MercadoShops, Salesforce, Mailmunch, Survey Monkey.

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Happy customers

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What they say about our service

In emBlue we found an effective, precise and a very good service to walk us through our journey. Support was given at every single moment and due to their cordiality and professionalism, they make a statement that reminds us that behind the platform there are people whose ultimate goal is service excellence.

Walter D. Gabarret

Email Marketing Manager

In the actual context of digital marketing it is beneficial to have a platform that is based in Omnichannel as a strategy to improve the user experience and achieve better conversion rates. As a bonus, it is possible to carry out entirely all these through automatic flows.

Damián López

Campaign Analyst

It’s a very professional experience where we always can find advice in every aspect, from the strategy to prepare a communication plan based on our client’s need, to the use and functionalities of the tool. The possibility to link it with other apps as VTEX generates an automation process that reduces the operation time in the platform. Their constant advice and management of each client, understanding the different needs of everyone.

Damian Girardi

Digital Strategist

With emBlue we were able to personalize all of our communications, which increased the Open Rate and the Click through rate of all our campaigns.

Federico Andino

Ecommerce Boss

emBlue was the strategic partner that Red Link needed for the design and execution of the company’s Email Marketing strategy, with a level of scalability according to our business.

Brian Wolfsdorf

Campaigns Analyst

My experience with emBlue has been always very good and favorable.

Marcelo Clerico

Business Advisor

Excellent. Always in the forefront of Email Marketing.

Federico Lombardi

Business Manager

emBlue helped us to automate the send of new, and pending invoices.

Eduardo Santillo


Migration to emBlue has allowed processes to be more automated and at the same time we can establish our own rules of the game when directing our campaigns.

Gian de Larderel

Digital strategies leader

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